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Frequently Asked Questions



What is No Coast Boat Club?

No Coast Boat Club is Kansas City Metro’s premier Boat Club / Boat Subscription Service. The club takes pride in providing a hassle-free boating experience. We take care of the boat so you can enjoy it! No cleaning, fueling, storage, or maintenance responsibilities for you. Just get out and enjoy the lake and let us deal with the hassles of boat ownership.


Where is the Club Located?

Lake Perry & Clinton Lake, with plans to expand to additional lakes within the greater KC metro area.

Who is No Coast Boat Club meant for?

We are the ideal solution for anyone who is looking to get into boating in greater Kansas City area. Whether you're a boating veteran or someone just starting out, we provide a complete hassle-free boating experience for you, your family, and friends! Members will find they spend more time on the water and have more flexibility over owning their own boat. Also great for families looking to get the kids out of the house for less screen time and more time outside!

What type of boats will the club have?

NCBC features brand new 24’ and 22' HeyDay Wake Boats, 24’ Trifecta tritoon, two 25' double decker Avalon tritoons, and 20’ SeaArk fishing boat. Both the fishing and 24' tritoon options feature a live well, along with pontoon style seating for crossover use. Additionally, each of the boats has a ski bar, allowing for tubing, skiing and wakeboarding. Visit “Our Fleet” page for more information on the vessels.

I'm not sure I'll use No Coast Boat Club enough to justify a membership.

As a member, you'll actually find yourself going out on the water more than if you owned your own boat. Without having to worry about cleaning, storage, launching, towing, and maintenance, you can focus on spending more time with friends and family on the water! Members save 1.5 - 2 hours of their own time every time they take out a boat club vessel. Not to mention, as a member you can save thousands in costs associated with owning your own boat.

Can I add my spouse or friend to my club account?

Club memberships include an A & B member. This can be a spouse or friend, and each individual will have full access to the club. Total number of reservations on the books does not change with a partner or spouse added to the account.

How do I reserve a boat?

Our state-of-the-art reservation system allows you to reserve a boat via online/mobile. Members have unlimited reservations and can have up to 4 half-day reservations on the books at a time. You can even call in or send us a text a reserve a boat within 24 hours of the launch without affecting your future reservations!



How do I make sure that I’m able to reserve the dates I want?

NCBC's member to boat ratio is roughly 30% lower than the national average to ensure members get unfettered access on their desired dates. The club has been designed to ensure that all members have access to the vessels on every major summer holiday weekend. 


How long is each reservation?

You can either book a morning or afternoon time slot. Morning launch is 9am – 1pm, and afternoon launches are 2pm – 6pm. You can also utilize the boats before or after normal club hours by completing our “After Hours” course. An “After Hours” certification will allow you to launch the boat prior to opening, or return after the club office is closed.

Is there a limit how often I can use the boats?

There is no limit to how many times you'd like to use the boats. We encourage you to use them as if they were your own, giving you the ability to boat at your discretion.

What days are the club open?

The club is open year round Monday – Sunday, weather permitting. 



How hard is it to get a boat when I want one?

Availability is key to our business process. We ensure boat availability by keeping the lowest member-to-boat ratio in the industry.

What are the costs associated with the club?

As a member, you are responsible for your initiation fee, monthly dues, optional rental equipment, and the gas you use on your outings.



What if I've never boated before or don't feel comfortable behind the wheel?

No need to worry, we are ideal for new boaters. We offer complete training for every new joining member!

What other features does the club offer?

Prior to your scheduled departure, you’ll have the option to reserve ice, beer/ beverages and food to be waiting for you upon your arrival. 

What is the capacity of the boats in the club?

The clubs boats range in capacity from 8 to 14 people. Visit “Our Fleet” page for more specific information each vessel's person capacity.

Does the club provide life jackets for it’s members?

Top of the line neoprene life jackets will be provide free of charge to club members, with sizes ranging from child to adult.


Will the club have water sports toys and accessories?

The club comes with access to rent boards, tubes, water skies, lily pads and much more! You are also more than welcome to bring your personal gear if you prefer. 

Can I share my club account with my friends?

You’re more than welcome to bring your friends along, however the club boats can only be launched & driven by members on the club agreement contract. 

Can I bring my pet onboard?

We are a pet friendly club! Feel free to bring fido along, but unfortunately no alligators or peacocks are allowed to ride the boats.

Can we drink alcohol on the boat?

We require a “sober skipper” to sign off at the launching of each boat, but the rest of the passenger are free to enjoy adult beverages responsibly. NCBC has a strict no-drug policy, and failure to comply will result in the forfeiture of your club spot.



What is the club’s reservation cancellation policy?

Failure to cancel within a 48 hour period from the launch date will result in a warning. A second violation will result in weekend restrictions for an 6 week period. 



What is the club’s cancellation policy for the club?

There is no lockup or required period for your club membership, you can cancel at anytime. We do require a 60 day notice for any club cancellation with dues paid through the end of the membership. Initiation fee is non-refundable, regardless of how long you are a part of the club.

If you have any further questions please feel free to Contact Us

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